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26. February 2024

Prevent rental fraud as a landlord

Vermieter können in Frage kommende Mieter meist nur kurzzeitig und oberflächlich kennenlernen. Die Interessenten erscheinen gepflegt, seriös und bodenständig und weisen durch Arbeitsverträge ihre Zahlungsfähig aus. Den Vermietern ist es schwer bis gar nicht möglich, diese Angaben zu überprüfen.

19. January 2024

Another award for the PRIMECHECK detective agency

We would like to thank you very much for your numerous, positive reviews that you have given us on various review portals. Among other things, your reviews are crucial for the HIPE AWARD being awarded again.

24. November 2023

Internet fraud: what to do?

Internet fraud is a widespread crime in the digital age. When goods are handed over in person, it is difficult to say whether everything is going well. That's why we offer covert accompaniment of the handover by our experienced investigators. They stay in the background and document the handover with photos. If fraud has nevertheless occurred, we will also be available to advise you in this difficult situation.

30. October 2023

Crypto scam

Fraud with Cryptocurrencies - Crypto Scam Have you already dealt with the topic "Cryptocurrencies"? The Bitcoin currency in particular has been experiencing a boom for some time, which hardly any financial expert expected 10 years ago. But even in this case...

11. October 2023


It is often the case that a person presents themselves differently than they actually are. So it happens that the person often just pretends facts to put themselves in a better light. This can be lies about the financial situation, or the criminal past can be embellished.

27. September 2023

Private detective costs (detective agency) – what does detective work cost?

Private detective costs: What are the prices if you hire a detective? Of course, the PRIMECHECK detective agency offers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the opportunity to have a free and non-binding initial telephone conversation...

20. September 2023

Working time fraud

The corona virus not only dominates the social life of many people. Working life has also changed noticeably since the beginning of the pandemic. Many employees have permanently switched to working from home. And while this step is viewed positively by the majority of employees, mistrust and resistance is stirring among many employers.

28. August 2023

Business detective award

In August, our business detectives were awarded "very high satisfaction" by the "ServiceValue" platform as one of the best service providers for medium-sized businesses in the field of business detectives!

16. June 2023

Custody dispute

The number of separated couples with children is constantly increasing and with it the dispute over custody or the payment of alimony.

14. April 2023

Infidelity in the partnership

We live in an increasingly digital world in which technological progress is increasing and time resources are decreasing more and more. So it is not surprising that the search for a new partner is being shifted to the digital world.

02. March 2023

Online sick note – possibilities in case of suspicion of wrong sick note

Since the pandemic, new ways of visiting the doctor have been sought. Due to the high risk of infection, the goal was to keep people away from the doctor's office as much as possible. The core idea at this point was to prevent many infected or contagious people from meeting.

06. February 2023

Our new location in Munich

On 01.03.2023 opens the new office in Munich. You can find our new detective agency in Munich at the address Am Karlsplatz 3, 80335 Munich - right in the center. We are pleased to inform you that PRIMECHECK detective agency has found a new office in Munich so that we can expand. At the new location we can expand with a larger office and thus support you even better on site.

06. January 2023

Employee monitoring – are you allowed to monitor your employees?

Employee surveillance is very advisable to protect your company from damage by employees or to stop illegal behavior. For this purpose you can hire a business detective agency. We at PRIMECHECK have specialized in economic concerns and can therefore help you competently in matters of employee surveillance.

06. December 2022

Industrial espionage and industrial espionage

As a business detective agency, we offer an all-round carefree package for all the requirements that companies can place on us. Our detectives are on duty for you throughout Germany and of course worldwide.

29. November 2022

Prove working time fraud home office

Especially since the Corona pandemic, the topic of home office is becoming more relevant and also more attractive. While the employer has the opportunity to save on the premises, the employee has the opportunity to save time for the commute.

02. November 2022

Internet detectives – Internet research by an online detective

The Internet reveals quite a lot about us - in fact, more than we might think we know. So you can also find out quite a lot about certain people via the Internet and research. The only important thing is that you know how.

02. November 2022

Investigation methods detective: detective work explained

The Internet reveals quite a lot about us - in fact, more than we might be able to wThe goal of every detective is to be able to pass on valid evidence to his clients. To achieve this goal, the private detective uses different investigation methods in his detective work.

20. October 2022

Fake love – how young men prey on female tourists with bezness

Women on vacation are increasingly becoming victims of "bezness". The term is made up of the words "BEZiehung" and "BusiNESS" and stands for a scam by fraudsters who pretend to be in love with tourists in order to get their money.

16. August 2022

Your detective agency in Paris – PRIMECHECK

Primecheck detectives investigate for you in France Primecheck's private and business detectives are already working for you in many cities within Europe. To the numerous representations of our detective agency, another one has now been added.

01. July 2022

Company Background Check

A background check on the existing company, as well as subcontractors and subsidiaries associated with the company, is an important, but usually overlooked starting point in terms of risk assessment and possible wrong decisions and thus bad investments to weigh.

01. June 2022

People tracing & detective people tracing

A personal investigation can have many concerns. The most common is the search for a current registration address of a missing person. Of course, for reasons of data protection, it is not possible to arbitrarily search for information about persons of interest.

04. May 2022

The suspicion of fraudulent sick leave

One of the most frequently commissioned services of the PRIMECHECK detective agency is the investigation of suspected fraudulent sick leave. The reason for an employee's absence from work can be not only a fake sick note, but also the taking up of an unauthorized secondary job that has not been announced to the employer.

07. April 2022


Almost everyone knows the helpful spy tools from the James Bond movies. The microphone in the ballpoint pen or the camera in the wristwatch were popular tools for the secret agent. In contrast, the bug in the telephone receiver seemed almost antiquated. At the time these films were shown in cinemas, these technical feats were a thing of the future. But miniaturization in all areas of technology has meant that reality has long since caught up with fiction.

28. September 2021

OSINT—Open Source Intelligence

What is OSINT and how do we use it for you? Information determines our everyday life. Newspapers, television and, last but not least, the Internet provide us with a wealth of different information every day. Not all are relevant. And often we are...

30. August 2021

Protection against ransomware

Ransomware Protection - What Can You Do? The wave of reports from authorities and companies that have fallen victim to an attack with so-called ransomware does not stop. But what exactly is it? And how can...

17. June 2021

New location in Bremen

Our new location in the Hanseatic city of Bremen The professional private and commercial detective agency PRIMECHECK can now also be reached in another major city in Germany for private individuals and companies. On June 1st, 2021, the new office opened in the...

22. April 2021

Joining VID

Detective agency PRIMECHECK joins the association of internationally active private detectives (VID) Due to the current situation and the fact that more and more restrictions are restricting international detective work, we are the professional detective agency of the...

31. March 2021

Online investigations in the DarkNet

Online investigations in the DarkNet The World Wide Web today offers an unmanageable amount of information. You will find more online offers for all aspects of knowledge than you can ever use. But did you also know that a large part of the available...

16. February 2021

Lawyers and Detectives

Lawyers and Detectives: The Detective and the Lawyer – Really a case for two? The series "A case for two" known from the evening program repeatedly and impressively presents the viewer with a cooperation between a private detective and a lawyer...

23. October 2020

Love Scamming

Love Scamming - When the admirer is a scammer The internet has become a natural part of our lives today. We shop online, read the latest news and find out about many things in everyday life. Also many...

22. May 2020

GPS tracker for espionage and for cars, motorcycles & Co.

Digital monitoring is now widespread and the technical possibilities are almost limitless. Whether in the private or in the economic sector - cases of espionage are becoming more frequent. The areas of application for digital surveillance are also far...

06. April 2020

Serious detective agency PRIMECHECK – international network

In addition to professional equipment and professional detectives, a professional detective agency naturally also needs a sophisticated network for gathering information. Findings can often not be fully obtained through simple research and...

06. January 2020

Investment and capital fraud

PRIMECHECK detective agency offers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the opportunity to find out about possible costs in a free and non-binding initial telephone call: 0800 72 43 252 The business and private detective agency PRIMECHECK determines...

13. November 2019

Research Work

The PRIMECHECK detective agency offers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the opportunity to find out about possible costs in a free and non-binding initial telephone call: 0800 72 43 252 One of the most frequently performed work of a...

30. August 2019

Detective work What is allowed?

Of course, the PRIMECHECK detective agency offers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the opportunity to find out about possible costs in a free and non-binding initial telephone call: 0800 72 43 252 Detective work - the narrow line...

16. May 2019

Wage Fraud

Of course, the PRIMECHECK detective agency offers you the opportunity to find out about possible costs in a free and non-binding initial telephone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 0800 72 43 252

18. February 2019

Location extension: Bucharest

New location in Bucharest The private and commercial detective agency PRIMECHECK, which operates internationally and is already represented in several major cities in Germany, would now also like to be available to private individuals and companies in other major cities. On February 1st, 2019...

22. November 2018

Alimony Fraud

Child Support Alimony Fraud is a common issue these days. The parent with whom the child does not live permanently is obliged, under certain circumstances and with a regular income, to pay maintenance to the joint...

16. October 2018

Detective Agency Adultery & Cheating | private detectives

For most people, cheating by their significant other/spouse is probably the biggest breach of trust. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon and always leads to disputes and ultimately to many separations. A detective agency can...

31. July 2018

Part 3: This is how the cooperation with PRIMECHECK works

Insight into our detective work - Part 3: This is how working with PRIMECHECK works You have never worked with a detective before and would like to know what to expect and how it all works? In this 3-part series we grant you...

30. July 2018

Part 2: What does a private detective help with?

Insight into our detective work - Part 2: What does a private detective help with? Have you never worked with a detective and would you like to know what to expect and how it all works? In this 3-part series, we are happy to grant you a...

29. July 2018

Part 1: What does a business detective help with?

Insight into our detective work - Part 1: What does a business detective help with? Have you never worked with a detective and would you like to know what to expect and how it all works? In this 3-part series, we are happy to grant you a...

11. May 2018

PRIMECHECK detective agency joins the I.D.A world association

Since March 2018, the commercial and private detective agency PRIMECHECK has been a member of the I.D.A. – International Detective Association and can now enjoy the benefits of membership. The I.D.A. offers an international and transnational...

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  • Absolutely discreet and secure
  • Highest data protection standards and anonymity protection
  • Evidence that can be used in court
  • Clarity in the shortest time
  • Fixed price guarantee

We care about you intensively, take time for you and listen to you. Without any time pressure, we conduct an intensive consultation with you, in which we not only actively listen to you, but also suggest ways to solve your problem situation. We keep a cool head even in special situations and arrange the right steps to help you as soon as possible.

Certificates and memberships


International Detective Association

I.D.A. International Detective Association is an international and transnational network of private and business detective agencies that promotes and supports the wealth of experience and information between detective agencies and investigators at an international level.


Koordinator Betriebliche Ermittlungen

The IHK certificate was obtained by PRIMECHECK in a three-part training course and ended with the certificate ” Koordinator Betriebliche Ermittlungen”. The certification is offered by VSW in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


DEKRA certified according to DIN 9001: 2015

Our company is Dekra certified according to DIN 9001: 2015, which guarantees you constant quality management of our company processes and constant quality assurance. For reliable cooperation at the highest level and to continuously improve the quality of our service.


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kriminalistik

Members of the DGfK – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kriminalistik are exclusively proven experts in criminalistics. The DGfK promotes the exchange of science, practice, education and training in the field of criminalistics.


Association of international private detectives

The PRIMECHECK detective agency is a member of the VID and thus part of a worldwide network of professional private detectives, which guarantees a competent exchange on an international level.

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